Options for Athletic Fields at Hilltop

VSWC architects have been working with the Board of Education’s building and grounds committee along with Reading High School baseball coach RJ Hayes and softball coach Amanda Shinkle on plans for the new fields.


The building and grounds committee has narrowed down the options for the athletic fields and the costs associated with completion. It is important to note that funding for this project is not through our general operating dollars but through funds that can only be used on improvements to the Hilltop property.


Of the two final options, the building and grounds committee is recommending option 1 because it provides space for the softball and baseball fields as well as a larger space for a practice field. The practice field could then be used for other youth sports like football and soccer and for marching band practice. When not in use, the community will also be able to take advantage of this green space.

See drawings of the options below:

Hilltop Option 1

Hilltop Option 4

Costs Associated with Project

The Board will be voting on either Option 1 or Option 4 at the Board of Education meeting on August 19 at 5:30 p.m.  If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please share with the Board prior to the meeting via email at questions@readingschools.org with the subject line Hilltop Property.